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Title: The Theory of Death
Author: Faye Kellerman

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Here I want to know simply how good the work is as a work of fiction. Consider "1" to be the worst novel you ever read or movie you ever saw and "5" to be the piece of fiction that you consider to be the best work of art ever.

Mathematical Content:
Here I want to know how important math is to the work and how much mathematics appears explicitly in the work. A work which does not really mention math explicitly except in passing and for which mathematics is not very important should receive a "1". A work for which mathematics is very important and which really discusses quite a bit of math (considering that it is fiction and not a textbook!) should receive a "5". Please do not simply vote based on how much you liked the work, but rather on how mathematical it is compared to other works of fiction.

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These comments will actually be read by me. If they seem appropriate, I may add them to the website. If you ask any questions and provide an e-mail address, I will try to answer.

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Exciting News: The 1,600th entry was recently added to this database of mathematical fiction! Also, for those of you interested in non-fictional math books let me (shamelessly) plug the recent release of the second edition of my soliton theory textbook.

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