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The Dark Side of the Sun (1976)
Terry Pratchett
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This humorous science fiction novel tells the tale of Dom Salabos, who believes he is destined to become "Chairman of the Board of Widdershins and heir to riches untold", but his allies familiar with p-math (short for probability math) are certain his destiny is to be murdered before getting the chance.

(quoted from The Dark Side of the Sun)

As with the first Theory of Relativity and the Sadhimist One Commandment, so the nine equations of probability math provide an example of a deceptively simple spark initiating a great explosion of social change.

Probability math predicts the future. So says the half-educated man. A thousand years ago he would have mouthed "E equals MC squared" and believed he had encompassed the soaring castle of mathematical imagination...

As Sub-Lunar pointed out in those early years, p-math depended on a certain innate mental agility. Many superb practitioners were also incurably insane, possibly because of that very fact.

Fans of Pratchett's popular Discworld series complain that this early novel is inferior, but as I prefer its emphasis on science and math over fantasy, I actually like it better. (There is no dark side, you know...)

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GenreHumorous, Science Fiction,
MotifFuture Prediction through Math,

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