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Mathmakers (1978)
TV Ontario
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Canadian television show (circa 1978) about making a television show. Humorous story lines illustrate mathematical concepts.

Contributed by Curtis A. Dunat.

"The program was developed and produced by TVOntario in 1978. Each episode was very entertaining. I can remember watching it as a child. In fact I even have an episode or two taped myself. Derek McGrath was one of the stars. Topics covered were such things as Temperature, Graphs, Decimals, etc.
Another TVOntario program dealing with Math was MathPatrol. The premise was an agent who went around solving math problems. He wore a kangaroo suit as a disguise because it was the only one that fit his size."

Contributed by Lyn Harvey

Hi, my name is Lyn Harvey and I co-hosted the children's math series "Mathmakers". The show was filmed and recorded in Toronto in 1978. The content was geared towards children in grade four. Hope this information helps for your records. Best Regards, Lyn

Contributed by Christina Howlett

Amazing how you turn math -- something we tried to make interesting -- into "literature! Kudos to you. Also amazing is that my son who was not yet even a twinkle in anyone's eye found this site and forwarded it to me. I was the Production Assistant on the show and worked on all aspects of bringing the idea into reality. I also worked on Math Patrol -- as well as Cucumber (Children's Underground Club of United Moose and Beaver), Today's Special, Sesame Street and a number of other children's and adult educational programs. It was a wonderful time to be a part of the developing "public" television network. We were OECA when we started - the first educational network - and became the model for PBS and others.

Much of this would not have been possible without the amazing talent, vision and dedication of the show's creator and director, Clive VanderBurgh. He was a vital influence, stretched the imagination and talent of those around him and set the groundwork for many (myself included) to go on to write, produce, direct and create our own visions. Thank you for sharing this and reminded me of a great memory!

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GenreHumorous, Didactic, Children's Literature,
MediumTelevision Series or Episode,

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