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Zéro, ou les Cinq vies d'Aemer (2005)
Denis Guedj
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This novel traces the history of the number `zero' through the lives of five different women, living in five different eras, but all living in the same place: Mesopotamia/Iraq.

Guedj is already known to frequent visitors to this website for his amazing Parrot's Theorem, and I'm assuming that this one is as good or perhaps even better. However, it is not yet available in America or in English as far as I know. If anyone has read it in French and can write in with more details, I would be very grateful. (Use the "RATINGS" link below to record your comments about this book.)

Contributed by Anonymous

It's good:)

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GenreHistorical Fiction, Didactic,
TopicAlgebra/Arithmetic/Number Theory,

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