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Mozart and the Whale (2005)
Petter Næss (Director)

A romance about two people with Asperger's Syndrome based on a true story. I have not seen the film, but understand that the male character is obsessed with numbers and statistics but works as a cab driver. His love interest, who has some skills that allow her to deal better with the rest of society, is able to eventually get him a job doing statistics at a local university. If you have seen this movie, please let me know what you thought of it. There are plenty of comments and reviews available on the internet (some people hated it, some people loved it)...but what I'm especially interested in here are the mathematical aspects that have barely been discussed elsewhere.

Since I cannot say anything specific about the film, let me comment here briefly about the autism spectrum disorders, a subject on which I have little experience and no expertise. I did have one student who had what I consider to be a severe case of Asperger's and yet was very talented in mathematics. However, I would not want to make too many assumptions based on this one example. For instance, I do not know what percentage of people with Asperger's have an interest or ability in mathematics. Similarly, I would urge you not to assume from the large number of works of fiction linking autism with mathematics that all mathematicians are autistic. It does seem that there is some sort of connection there, but I assure you that the vast majority of professional mathematicians are not autistic and I'm guessing that it would similarly be a mistake to assume that autistic people necessarily have advanced mathematical abilities!

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