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Barking (2007)
Tom Holt
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Contributed by "William E. Emba"

Duncan Hughes has had a rather monotonous and trite career as an estate and tax lawyer when suddenly werewolves, vampires, zombies, and one impossibly alluring unicorn, along with his ex-wife and his old high school friends--all of them lawyers in the worst possible way--turn his life upside down and then some.

A running gag about an account that can't be closed since the numbers just won't balance, with the discrepancy changing each time Duncan tries to settle it becomes more and more important as the novel proceeds. Ultimately, it turns out that Duncan can't help but do his arithmetic out of phase with the rest of reality. The legal ramifications alone turn out to be astonishing.

As Holt's dust jacket biography always mentions, he himself was an estate and tax lawyer before taking up writing fulltime.

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GenreHumorous, Fantasy,
TopicMathematical Finance,

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