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The Midnighters (Series) (2004)
Scott Westerfield
Highly Rated!

Teenagers discover an extra hour to the day during which they can do things while everyone else is frozen. Unfortunately, they also have to worry about the Darklings!

One of the teens, Dess, is interested in mathematics and she is able to work out some mathematical significance to the fantastical situation. Much of it is simply numerology (e.g. the darklings are afraid of the number 13, and even 13 letter words), but the author tries to present it as real mathematics and uses some stereotypes to portray Dess' mathematical ability. (She goes into a sort of a trance when she's thinking about math.)

Contributed by Samantah

This book tooootally rocks out lowd!!!!

Contributed by Nicole

i absolutely loved this book! definitely one of the best i've ever checked out of the library. i'm asking for it for christmas... :)

Contributed by Amanda

I am A 50 year old middle school teacher and I loved these books. Great fantansy fiction for any age. I especially loved the math theme and the use of 13 as a magical device. Especially since 13 has such a negative reputation in culture and literature.

Contributed by Luna

One of the characters, Dess, uses math often to make sense of everything that's going on. It's really fun to try to figure out the math yourself before she does, and all these numbers which seem coincidental all end up leading back to a few numbers. Amazing book series.

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3/5 (7 votes)
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4.38/5 (8 votes)

GenreScience Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Young Adult,

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