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1963 (1993)
Alan Moore
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Contributed by "William E. Emba"

A six-issue series, one of the best of the retro comics out there. this is Moore's ingenious pastiche of Marvel comics in the critical (for Marvel and for the world) year 1963. Strange things are happening, pointing to mysterious visitors from 1993.

Along the way a 4-D villain wrecks havok with the Hypernaut (who lives aboard a Penrose triangle shaped satellite), in a way that intelligently illustrates the fourth dimension (with many 4-D effects accomplished by treating the 2-D panels in an Escher-like way), and with the Hypernaut defeating the villain by exploiting his own 3-D nature.

Elsewhere in the series are also graphs explaining time travel, a remarkable example of Galilean relativity, and left-right reversals.

The fake fan letters in the back include one complaining about an inaccuracy in the Hypernaut's math, which gets a weaselly response.

The series is marred in that it was supposed to have a whopping giant-sized conclusion, but it didn't happen, and it is now lingering in legal limbo. But the issues are greatly enjoyable as is.

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MotifHigher/Lower Dimensions,
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