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Tre per zero (1997)
T. Sclavi (writer) / B. Brindisi (artist)

An Italian comic book whose title translates as "Three Times Zero".

Contributed by Marco Abate

A very surreal story where a (stereotypical but non-trivial) mathematician "discovers" that three times zero equal three, and we see how life in Bellybutton, England, changes as a result (death taking a well-deserved vacation helps too). The "butterfly effect" makes a non-credited cameo appearance, but the real star is the turkey.

Published in Dylan Dog 125, Sergio Bonelli Editore, Milano, 1997, 94 pp.

Contributed by Lapo Fanciullo

The plot is made of many parallel stories and only towards the end we understand how they're related. The mathematician appears in one of the subplots, and the "discovery" that 3*0=3 is the only explicit mathematics mentioned (although the backbone of the story is based on the large effect a small cause can have, as in everyday fictional chaos theory).

But, if you look closely at the scribbling on the mathematician's blackboard, you'll see that part (only part) of it actually makes sense: for instance, it begins as 3*0 = 3*(x-x) = 3*(d(x^2 /2)/dx - d(x^2 /2)/dx) =...

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