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Sphere (1989)
Michael Crichton
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Contributed by Waxxy

In Sphere the team assembled to confront the unimaganible crisis is made up of specialists in specific fields, among these specialists there is a Mathematical prodigy who uses mathematical deductive reasoning to answer many unknown questions about their current situations throughout the book

Contributed by Sonja Dezman

(Note: This comment was written prior to the one above from "Waxxy".)

Why has nobody wrote a comment on this book? It is a good one. It connects our lives, outer space, Fantasy, Science fiction, Mathematics, Computer Science, an action story, a detective story, a horror story, and much much more. And all that in only one book! It is a bit too scary for my taste. I don't recommend reading it before going to bed:). But it is definitely worth reading. BTW the book is better than the movie!

Contributed by Anonymous

This book was very odd, but rather interesting. The characters are developed well. The math content does seem realistic, although the actual concept that the book revolves around is a bit much to understand.

Contributed by Anonymous

I'm glad to see this book on the website. It became a favorite of mine last year and I actually quoted it in a concept paper on "Imagination," which is one of the book's central themes.It's definitely different, but I highly recommend it.

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Mathematical Content:
2.66/5 (9 votes)
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3.67/5 (9 votes)

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