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Jayden's Rescue (2002)
Vladimir Tumanov
Highly Rated!
Note: This work of mathematical fiction is recommended by Alex for children.

Contributed by Vlad Tumanov

I am the author of a children's math mystery novel entitled Jayden's Rescue and Published by Scholastic Canada. This novel's plot revolves around mathematical puzzles for the grades 4-6 level. The puzzles are in verse, and the solutions are provided following each puzzle. The three child protagonists have to solve these puzzles in order to save an imprisoned queen. Subsequently, the puzzle quest continues as the children must extricate themselves from the grasp of an evil sorcerer. The adventure ends with a final showdown, involving a combination of problem-solving skills and suspense.

Contributed by Priya Naran

"Jayden's Rescue is fantastic.I borrowed it from a friend,i could not put it down.I really hope there might be more books coming out like this one.

Contributed by sheila

"My math phobic 10 year old couldn't put it down. She even wrote a fan e-mail to the author in which she confessed to reading it under the covers with a flashlight! She liked the story so much that she didn't stop to do the math puzzles, but she will on her 2nd read through. Highly Recommended (by a mother with degrees iin Math & Teaching)!"

Contributed by Daniel

"Truly terrific book, wonderful story and the math is both fun and relatively advanced."

Contributed by Rosedale School Grade 6 class

"My students love this novel. Today we decided that it should be made into a movie. One of my students said, 'I never knew math could be so much fun.' My students love solving the problems. They feel like they are the characters in the novel. The pages in our novel will not turn unless they solve the problems. What fun we are having. My students have put in the request for another novel?!?!"

Contributed by Jillian

My 5th grade class and I are reading "Jayden's Rescue" and we love it! I can't bare to let my teacher put it down!

Contributed by Anonymous

This work combines mathematical thinking from a variety of strands and levels of challenge with an appealing plot that leaves students asking for more.

Contributed by Anonymous

Fantastic! Can't wait for his next novel - i understand it will have a social studies slant. - can't wait!

Contributed by Anonymous

this book is great! I'd rate it 10/10. Hope to read other stories!

Contributed by L. Primeau

My teaching partner and I combined our grade 6/7 classes, with the assistance of our Literacy specialist, and our Numeracy specialist and worked our way through the book, one puzzle a week. The students really developed their critical thinking skills, and learned how to explain their mathematical thinking, and they really enjoyed the story. I was worried that we would lose the storyline, only working on it once a week, but we didn't - the students were really engaged!

I highly recommend this book!

Contributed by Selena

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Ratings for Jayden's Rescue:
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Mathematical Content:
4.36/5 (14 votes)
Literary Quality:
4.28/5 (14 votes)

GenreFantasy, Didactic, Children's Literature,

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