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Cobra (2022)
R. Ajay Gnanamuthu (Director) / Kannan (Screenplay) / Sekar Neelan (Screenplay)

This picaresque Indian film focuses on a powerful crime lord named Cobra who also happens to be a mathematical genius known as "Mathi". It is ambitious in its three-hour length and its attempt to combine violence, musical numbers (of course), and mathematics. I have not seen it, but those who have give it very mixed reviews.

Several of those reviewers mention that math was used in clever ways to commit the crimes. I am very curious to know more about that. If you have seen this movie, please let me know!

Contributed by Vijay Fafat

A very badly made mess of a South Indian movie. Totally avoidable, with little redeeming mathfiction content.

The assassin, an orphan named Mathi, is a mathematical genius who uses a variety of environmental factors – angle of ricochet of a bullet, speed of ceiling fan, sound frequency at which a bulb cracks and so on to plan his assassinations. On the other side is an extremely annoying, ham-acting girl, a mathematical gifted student who figures out that the use of mathematics is the common connection between completely unlinked killings. There are a couple of very silly mathematical clues to the identity of attack targets (like the square of some decimal number approximating the target’s birthdate). And there is the plot item that the intended target / project is conveyed to the hidden assassin by means of a Sudoku puzzle published in the local newspaper.

I cannot recommend this terrible movie to anyone.

Thank you Vijay for that review. Your critique will probably discourage most of our site visitors from attempting to watch it. But, for anyone who still wants to, it is currently available for free on YouTube.

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