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Le Théorème de Marguerite [Marguerite's Theorem] (2023)
Anna Novion (Writer and Director)

Marguerite Hoffman is a mathematics PhD student at the prestigious École normale supérieure in Paris, but drops out after an error is found in her proof of the Riemann Hypothesis. Her math skills allow her to win enough money at mahjong to survive, but she longs to get back into math research. Then, following scenes utilizing the tropes of formulae written on walls and windows and animated equations floating around her head, she has a breakthrough on Goldbach's Conjecture which finally wins her the acclaim she desires.

I have not actually seen this joint French-Swiss film, but rather only pieced together this plot summary based on what I have found about it on the internet. Mostly, reviewers seem to find the production too predictable and formulaic. Even the anonymous author of the positive review at IMDB agrees with that criticism, but insists that the film's focus on Marguerite's acceptance of her emotional attachment to mathematics redeems it.

If you've seen the film and can either correct any errors I've made in my description or offer your own review, please e-mail me or use the links below to enter your comments/ratings online.

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MotifAcademia, Proving Theorems, Female Mathematicians,
TopicAlgebra/Arithmetic/Number Theory,

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