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Golden Math [Suugaku Golden] (2019)
Kuramaru Tatsuhiko

Contributed by Chu-Wee Lim

Haruichi Onoda is a high school student who aspires to represent Japan in the IMO (International Mathematical Olympiad). He meets a girl (Mami Nanase) who shares his passion. Though seemingly airheaded, Nanase proved to be extraordinarily talented. Will they be able to attain their dreams?

Competition problems are featured prominently in the manga. In one instance, the author even challenged the reader with a problem: is there a positive non-integer a such that [an] (floor of an) has the same parity as n for all positive integers n?

Two volumes have been published so far (as of 2/2021) but no English translation has yet appeared. A free sample (in Japanese) is available here.

Contributed by Anonymous

Most chapters throw 1-3 olympiad problems at you. Bring a pencil and paper. Lots of paper. Expect to spend 0.5-2 hours per chapter just solving the problems.

The only reason I can't give it a 5 for mathematical content is because I've read Knuth's Surreal Numbers and *that*'s a 5 :D

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MotifFemale Mathematicians, Math Education,
TopicReal Mathematics,
MediumGraphic Novel/Comic Book/Manga,

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