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The Number of Love (The Codebreakers) (2019)
Roseanna M. White

This novel may fall into an unlikely combination of categories (it is a wartime religious historical romance spy story that is also mathematical), but its main character is a familiar stereotype: Margot is a woman who views the world through mathematics, prefers logic to emotions, and would rather spend her time with her numbers than with people. During World War I, she is working for the British government as a code breaker when her life is turned upside-down by a wounded soldier:

(quoted from The Number of Love (The Codebreakers))

(from the official blurb:) Drake Elton returns wounded from the field, followed by an enemy who just won't give up. He's smitten quickly by the intelligent Margot, but how can he convince a girl who lives entirely in her mind that sometimes life's answers lie in the heart?

The answer (in this book) involves not only math, romance, and some wartime intrigue, but also Christian faith.

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GenreHistorical Fiction, Adventure/Espionage, Romance,
MotifAnti-social Mathematicians, War, Female Mathematicians, Religion,

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