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Thinking of Leaving Your Husband? (2010)
Charlotte Cory

Contributed by Tony Mann, University of Greenwich

[This] is the book of a series of [BBC] radio comedies from last year, in which the heroine has various unfortunate experiences with internet dating before meeting the perfect partner, who is a mathematician. Charlotte is married to my head of department who she met in similar circumstances.

Note that the protagonist does not meet the mathematician character until the final episode, Episode 1.4 - A Mathematical Improbability.

Contributed by charlotte cory

just thought i would point out that although the heroine only meets her mathematician professor husband in the last episode, she encounters him online right at the start of the whole story. she dismisses him because "she cant add up" only to finally conclude that he is her Mr Right. so he is there all along, bubbling along in the back of the story AND i thought i would also let you know that the BBC has commissioned a paralleloquel - not a sequel or a prequel but the parallel story - about the mathematics professor and how he eventually came to meet our heroine. this is due to be broadcast some time in the next drama season (we have recorded it but i dont know the transmission dates yet) and i am busy writing the novel of the series right now. so the hero is our mathematics professor and i had to do a lot of research to get the maths right - it does help that i am married to a maths professor (head of maths at university of greenwich, by the way!) do email me and ask anything. very best wishes, charlotte c

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